I'll be who I wanna be!
Jungwoo's motto

Uhm Jungwoo (Hangul:엄정우) or Jungwoo (정우) is the main vocalist of kpop girl group BVNDIT. She debuted as a member of the group on April 10, 2019 with the album BVNDIT, BE AMBITIOUS! and its lead single Hocus Pocus. She was the 3rd member revealed along with Simyeong through MNH Entertainment's twitter feed.


  • Name-Jungwoo
  • Name Meaning-
  • 엄/Eom-Stern
  • 정/Jeong-A Korean version of Zheng
  • 우/Woo-Japanese goon reading of you
  • Nicknames-Princess, Corgi, Ddaengwoo and Ajaeng
  • Hobbies-watching concert clips, listening to ASMR and shopping nutritional supplements


Jungwoo debuted with BVNDIT in their first single BVNDIT, BE AMBITIOUS! as their main vocalist. She was the 3rd member revealed through MNH Entertainment's twitter.


  • Jungwoo is trying to learn English
  • She listens to Ariana Grande and Red Velvet
  • Jungwoo likes laying around at the dorm
  • Her favorite color is pink
  • Her favorite genre is pink
  • Her favourite food is chocolate, but she likes Tteokbokki and meat too
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